R2463 Homann Erben: Regni Sinae vel Sinae Propriae .. 1740

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Asia / East Asia | China
Asien / China
Homann Erben
c. 1740

East Asia | China

Homann Erben
c. 1740
Copperplate engraving
area coloured
52 x 58,3 cm

A wonderful and detailed early German print of the first precise map of China, around 1735 by French cartographer D'Anville. Like many maps of Asia in this period, this detailed map was based on information from Jesuit missionaries in China. It has two detailed cartouches at the bottom, the title on the right and and key on the left. In 1702 Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724) founded his cartographic business. He published the first German engraved maps and atlases in large numbers. Homann Erben or Homman and heirs, continued the family business producing atlases and maps until 1848. Reference Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmaker, Early World Press, 2004, p361


Homann Erben
um 1740
52 x 58,3 cm

Zeitgenössische Kolorierung, mit zwei Kartuschen (Titel und Maße). Früher deutscher Nachdruck der ersten präzisen Karte von China, die um 1735 von dem französischen Kartographen D'Anville angefertigt worden war und auf Informationen der in China missionierenden französischen Jesuiten basierte.

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