Kanada im Jahr 1781 von Joseph Fredrick Wallet Des Barres

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The Gut of Canso
Joseph Fredrick Wallet Des Barres

Handkolorierter Kupferstich
Bildmaß: 65 x 144 cm (Höhe x Breite)

The Gut of Canso, also know as The Strait of Canso from The Atlantic Neptune. Joseph Fredrick Wallet Des Barres (1729-1827) was a cartographer, hydrographer and military engineer from Switzerland. He became the colonial administrator in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His most famous publication was 'The Atlantic Neptune' a four volume atlas which was published between 1775-1781. He served in a British regiment during the Seven Years War (1756-63) and after the conflict carried out a number of martine surveys for the British government. Des Barres’s systematic surveying was first of the region and would become of immense importance to the British in the American War of Independence (1775 -1783). Under some pressure to produce maps quickly, some errors would appear in his artistic charts.

Handcoloured copperplate engraving

Size: 65 x 144 cm (Height x Width)

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