Amazon Highlights

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Bradt Highlights Amazon: Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador
Von: Harris, Roger
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Erscheinungsdatum: 02/2012
Sprache(n): Englisch
The Amazon is the world's biggest rainforest, falling within the confines of nine countries and luring millions of visitors. Trying to decide where to go is a challenge for any traveller. Should you visit the Iguaçu Falls in Brazil, or Peru's Pongo de Manseriche? Should your base be in Manaus or Iquitos? Where can you see a giant otter or swim with pink dolphins? Amazon Highlights cuts through the vast array of options. It showcases the best of the region – example itineraries and ideal starting points, a selection of 'tried and tested' lodges, and a review of leading tour operators and tour guides. Full-colour, it also serves as a handy field guide to the animals and plants most frequently seen in the Amazon.

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