Galapagos Wildlife - Bradt Travel Guide

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Bradt Travel Guide - Reiseführer englisch

Author: David Horwell & Pete Oxford


3rd edition

144 pages · 121 colour photos · 30 maps
Reiseführer / Ecuador / Südmamerika
The Galápagos islands are famed for their unique and diverse wildlife, as illustated here with full colour photographs on every page. In spite of their isolated location, their allure is such that they are a mecca for wildlife enthusiasts on what has often been called the ‘trip of a lifetime’. Galápagos Wildlife is written by experienced tour guides, who share essential tips on how to discover the best the islands can offer and fascinating background on key species.
Whether planning a voyage of discovery in the footsteps of Darwin or simply as a great souvenir of a trip, this guide will be invaluable for visitors to this magical kingdom.

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