Grand Tour of Switzerland - 1:275 000 - Strassenkarte

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Grand Tour of Switzerland Touring Map Strassenkarte
1:275 000 Grand Tour Strecke, Tourinformationen, UNESCO Welterbe inkl. Free Download on Smart Devices
Erscheinungsdatum: 2023
Sprache:  englisch; französisch; deutsch; italienisch
Verlag: Hallwag

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a unique expedition, which combines the highlights of Switzerland on a journey.The Tour Map for the "Grand Tour of Switzerland"This map, which is to a scale of 1:275 000 and laminated, is as special as the "Grand Tour of Switzerland" itself. 44 highlights along the 1600-km route and the most beautiful route sections are specially marked. The map is a small tour guide in itself! Photos and descriptions in four languages (German, French, Italian and English) complement the cartographical information. It's perfect for previewing and reminiscing about the many attractions along the memorable "Grand Tour of Switzerland".

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