Serengeti 1:250.000

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Offical map and visitor guide of Serengeti, Maasai Mara, Ngorongoro and Oldupai

Detailed map made in collaboration with Frankfurt Zoological Society

The only fully detailed map of this entire eco-system, this map embodies years of research done by Frankfurt Zoological Society and is the official management map for staff in the field

This is far more than just a map: on the reverse side is a wealth of authoritative information including migration patterns, wildlife, the peoples of the Serengeti, climate, landscape and habitat. Front cover, and other Visitor Guide photos, by Felix Borner.

Shows tracks, seasonal tracks and major camps

Migration patterns and the Serengeti-Mara eco-system

Checklist of large mammals

Climate, habitat, the people, history

Enlarged (1:125,000 scale) inset maps of Grumeti River and Seronera

Map size 960x1088mm, folded top 272x120mm.

Scale 1:250,000

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