Sydney to Melbourne Touring Map

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Publisher:     UBD Gregory’s
Edition:     9th Edition Sept 2023
Size:     69cm x 92cm Unfolded

Straßenkarte / Landkarte

Sprache: englisch

The Sydney to Melbourne Touring Road Map 245 has been fully revised and updated.

It includes strip maps for travelling both the Princes Highway/Freeway and the Hume Motorway/Highway/Freeway with information on the major towns along these routes.

There is also state mapping at a scale of 1:975,000 highlighting both routes between Sydney & Melbourne, an overview with explanation to make it easier for you to choose to travel The Hume or The Princes and a list of Visitor Information Centres.

With all this information contained on this handy fold up map it is an invaluable tool to have when travelling between Sydney and Melbourne.

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