The Lost World of Socotra: Yemen's Magical Isle Jemen

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The Lost World of Socotra
Von: Richard Boggs
Softcover 160 Seiten
Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
Verlag: Stacey International

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Like a lesser Galapagos, these islands boast flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth. Moreover, the Socotran people have their own language (which lacks a script) and distinctive culture, cuisine and architecture: neither Arabian nor African, yet strongly and distinctively Socotran. Richard Boggs spent many months in this remote and other-worldly archipelago, mixing with the Socotran peoples and capturing in world class photographs the uniqueness of the land and its life. The Lost World of Socotra brings this remarkable location to a new audience and is, truly, a journey through lands like no other. It is a beautifully produced photographic book, which will hold strong appeal to all those with an interest in foreign places, world geography and ethnology, natural history, photography and travel.

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