Tokyo - 29 Walks in the World's Most Exciting City

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Tokyo, 29 Walks in the World's Most Exciting City
[With Folded Tokyo Map]
Von: Martin, John H. Martin, Phyllis G.
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Erscheinungsdatum: 10.09.2012
Sprache(n): Englisch
Ausstattung: MAP

"Tokyo: 33 Walks in the World's Most Exciting City" is the only guide to the city that is exclusively a walking guide, with lively text full of facts and stories that emphasize the history, culture, architecture and spirit of the city and its neighborhoods. On foot and by train or subway, it takes you through the most fascinating parts of the modern megalopolis, while making the shogun's city--the Edo of samurai and geishas, merchants and artisans--and the outlines of old Tokyo come alive. From famous historical sites like the Imperial Palace to unique attractions like the Tsukiji Fish Market, this book offers something for every visitor.John H. Martin was a professor of Chinese and Japanese Civilization at the University of Richmond and taught courses in Japanese history, religion, and culture at several colleges in New York State. Dr. Martin and his wife, Phyllis G. Martin, have been directors of museums in New York and have traveled extensively in Japan. They previously wrote Kyoto: 29 Walks in Japan's Ancient Capital and Kyoto: A Cultural Guide.

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