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Classic World Map Robinson Projection
Monochrome plano
Größe 130 x 72 cm
Maßstab 1:35.000.000
The Classic world map is a contemporary tribute to the familiar schoolroom map and is perfect for cartophiles of all ages.

The popular Robinson projection creates perfect harmony between the shape and size of each country and continent. Arthur Robinson worked by eye to create his solution to the age-old problem of flattening a sphere and we particularly love the resulting shapely curves of the meridian lines. This projection gained worldwide appreciation when it was adopted by National Geographic in 1988.

Such a classically good-looking map deserves to be well dressed. We've updated the dusty pastels of traditional cartography with vibrant, eye-popping inks that will make your map the centrepiece of any room. We have a colour scheme to suit every taste, from stylish monochrome to brilliant hypercolour, all with our signature metallic seas and glossy landmasses.

This map is full of useful information, so don't be surprised if you are tempted to take it down the pub to settle an argument or two. Tectonic plates, sea depth layers, North and South Pole projections as well as all the usual mountain ranges, rivers and city data, make this map an ideal point of reference for the whole family.

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